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Locking and unlocking the Slide Lock Reel requires one hand and a simple thumb flick. It couldn’t be any easier.

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  • #24 Orange
  • #24 White

Brand: Dive Rite

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Evolving over the years from one of Dive Rite’s original products, a basic dive reel, the Slide Lock (SL) line of reels is in no way basic. Its evolutionary roots stem from serious cave exploration where a variety of reels were needed to safely conduct just one dive. Today, many manufacturers make dive reels, but only Dive Rite has the SL Reel, a reel that quickly and easily locks and unlocks the spool with just one hand. No more tightening or loosening a lock-down screw. Using either hand and a simple thumb flick, the SL spool can be locked or unlocked even while wearing thick gloves.

The 250 foot spool of braided #24 line provide the right amount of line for many applications, including: cave primary, cave safety, wreck diving, and shooting lift bags. Available in White or Orange line.

The 400 foot spool of braided #24 line provide is the is the standard for a cave primary reel. Available in White or Orange line.

A spring loaded, self-lubricating locking pin engages with the injection molded, polycarbonate plastic spool, to either lock the spool in place or release it for use. When unlocked, the reel is free spooling meaning that there is no ratcheting action like on other locking reels. The free spool allows for a smooth and effortless deployment of line.

The side handle design allows you to quickly switch the reel from hand to hand while deploying line no matter what type of thermal protection you’re wearing. It also provides the flexibility to use your hands for other tasks while still holding the reel.

Securing the reel inside a pocket or to a D-ring on your rig is simple and safe with a marine grade stainless steel shackle snap securely attached to the reel. Gone are the days of a double-ended bolt snap that can easily be lost or roll open. The shackle snap is low profile for efficiency yet won’t accidentally undo from the reel. Want to use a different type of snap, no problem; you can easily change it out for a different solution.

The SL comes with a line stop attached to the loop at the end of the line. This line stop is designed to self-center on the reel and nicely fits into the line guard. With a little separation in the line as it loops through the line stop, grabbing the line loop with gloved fingers is easily done.

Tech Info


  • Locking/unlocking spool: Thumb activated, spring-loaded locking pin
  • Spool: Injection molded polycarbonate plastic (resists cracking and warping)
  • Handle: Aircraft grade aluminum with black hardcoat
  • Line: Wear resistant braided #24 White line (RE55400/RE55250) or #21 Orange line (RE65400/RE65250)
  • Shackle Snap: 316 marine grade stainless steel (corrosion resistant)

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